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Can I have my own SSL certificate?


Absolutely! We offer certificates ourselves - please see this page for details. Our prices are considerably lower than most other providers (from $49 per year) with the ease of having us provide everything from start to finish.

If you wish to proceed with the purchase of a certificate elsewhere, you will need a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Please open a ticket with the information listed below and we'll send you your CSR as soon as possible. Please note that SSL certificates only cover a single subdomain e.g. a cert for will not secure You CAN order a cert for but then it will NOT secure

Required information:

Domain to secure (e.g. or
Company name
Company division (e.g. Sales)
Email address (this will appear on the cert)

Your chosen certificate issuer may ask which software was used to generate the CSR, in which case choose the Apache - ModSSL option.

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