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Uploading and retrieving files using anonymous FTP (IE)


There are a number of reasons why you may want people to be able to upload files to your site using anonymous FTP. Thankfully this can be done using nothing more complex than Internet Explorer.

First you should enable anonymous FTP from Control Panel.

Your visitors will be able to upload to: that is the address that you should give them. Uploading files is as simple as locating the files in Windows Explorer, copying them, and then returning to the Internet Explorer window, right clicking, and selecting "Paste".

Files that are uploaded to the /incoming directory are not visible to anonymous users, only to users who log in with a username and password. To retrieve files that have been uploaded, open Internet Explorer and go to...

...substituting your FTP username and password for username and password. You will see a list of all uploaded files. To retrieve a specific file, right click on it, select "Copy To Folder", and choose where on your PC you would like to save it.

To delete the file from the server, right click on it and select "Delete".

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