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I'm having problems sending outgoing email?


You must ensure that your email client is set to authenticate prior to sending.

You must ensure that the username you have entered into your email client is the full email address of the email account that you want to use (e.g. Failure to do this will result in a '550 relaying denied' error.

If your domain is new and you receive an error such as 'unknown host', your domain is not resolving yet, and you will need to wait just a bit longer.

If your domain record has not yet been modified to point to our servers, and you are attempting to use a username and password created on our servers, you may receive invalid username/password errors. The solution is to modify your domain record to point to our nameservers (NS.AQHOST.COM and NS2.AQHOST.COM) as indicated in the welcome mail that you received. Until then, you must use mail services at your previous host.

If you cannot send, and receive an error message such as 'an unknown error has occurred', please verify your settings:

incoming and outgoing mail server:
authentication: on
SSL: off
username: must be set to
password: passwords are case sensitive - ensure you have entered it correctly

Your ISP may prohibit foreign domain relay - that is, they may not allow you to send mail through but require that you use their outgoing mail server. Some ISPs that are known to do this include MSN, Earthlink/Mindspring, and (in certain areas). If you are unsure if this may be the case with your ISP, you should check the support documents at your ISP's web site or call them to verify whether they allow this or not. Typically this wil be referenced as 'port 25 blocking' or 'port 25 filtering'. You should still be able to send email as however you will need to use your ISP's mail server as your outgoing mail server.

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