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I'm having problems receiving incoming email?


Ensure that your username and password are set correctly in your email client. The username should be the full email address of the POP mailbox that you are checking (e.g.

Ensure that you have not set up a filter to block or bounce all incoming email in your control panel

Ensure that you have not created a mailing list with the same name as a POP mailbox that you have created (or the same as the default username on your account). This will cause all email destined for that name to go to the mailing list and not the mailbox.

Ensure that you have sufficient space on your account to accept email. Remember that email counts in the calculation of available storage for your account, so if you don't check your mail on a regular basis, or if you leave mail on the server, you may find that you are unable to receive email due to space limitations.

If your domain has been registered within the past 24-48 hours, your domain may not resolve by name yet, and you will need to wait just a bit longer.

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