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How do I set up Outlook or Outlook Express 5.x?


Start Outlook or Outlook Express. Click Tools and choose Accounts.

In the 'Internet Accounts' window click Add and choose Mail.Fill in your name and click Next.

Fill in your email address and click Next.

On the 'Email Servers' page, fill in the server information. 'My incoming mail server is a POP3 server' should be selected. The incoming and outgoing mail servers should be Click Next.

Enter your full email address (e.g. in the account name field, and the password below. Click Next and then Finish.

Once you've finished, highlight the new account in the 'Internet Accounts' window and click Properties.

On the 'General' tab ensure that your email address is in both the 'Email address' and 'Reply address' fields.

Next click on the 'Servers' tab. At the very bottom, ensure that 'My server requires authentication' is checked, then click the Settings button. Make sure that 'Log on using' is selected and enter your 'username' as your full email address and your 'password' as your mailbox password.

Click Ok to finish.

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